Firearm Sales & Transfer

Transferring or selling a firearm can be a tedious task but C&S makes it easy! We buy and sell used firearms and can assist you with transferring your firearm as well.

C&S offers transfers for NFA items (suppressors, SBR’s, full auto, etc.)

Transfer fees are $45 for regular firearms and $65 for NFA items. FFL request can be emailed to

Members qualify for a reduced transfer fee of $25 on regular firearm transfers and $45 on NFA items.

We also offer lay away purchases.

Learn more about rules and regulations by reading this article by the NRA

Please note: C&S does NOT transfer a firearm without an approval from the NICS background check – even though in SC a firearm can be legally transferred after a 3 day wait without approval.

Come in to transfer or sell your firearm today!

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