Range Rules

C&S Shooting Sports takes firearm safety very seriously. Please remember the four firearm safety rules at all times. If you do not know them, please consult with a C&S staff member.
While on our range, please observe these rules:
  1. NO unruly, unsafe, or disruptive behavior
  2. Obey all range rules and Range Officer Commands.
  3. Do not carry firearms outside of case or container.
  4. Do not load firearms outside of your lane.
  5. Eye and ear protection must be worn at all times.
  6. Do not go beyond the firing line for any reason.
  7. Do not leave doors to range open. Close one door before continuing to the next.
  8. Minors must be supervised at all times. No one under 11 yr. old is allowed on the range
  9. Any customers under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not permitted on the range.
  10. No food, drink, or tobacco allowed on the range
  11. Proper stance and sight alignment will be require at all times.
  12. No offensive targets allowed
  13. No drawing from the holster
  14. Firearms must have front and rear sights OR optic.
  15. Providing instruction for a fee or profit is prohibited. Please refrain from offering other shooters advise or assistance- please alert the Range Officer if another shooter needs help.
  16. Rifles or shotguns that cannot be fired from the shoulder are PROHIBITED
  17. Due to health considerations, people who are pregnant are not allowed on the range.
  18. No pets are allowed on the range.


    • Steel case or core
    • Armor piercing
    • Tracer
    • Proof Loads
    • Slugs
    • Birdshot
    • Black Powder
    Only approved buckshot purchased from C&S is allowed

    Spent brass becomes the property of C&S. If you wish to keep your brass, please let the range officer know before shooting