Membership Cancellation Policy

All Memberships are based on a 12 month agreement and are either billed annually or monthly based on those terms. Monthly memberships will be auto-renewed unless requested 30 days prior to the end of the annual term.

MEMBER’S RIGHT TO CANCEL. You may cancel the Membership at any time after the first 12 months by sending written notice to C&S SHOOTING SPORTS as provided herein. If the notice is received on or before the 15th day of any month, the cancellation shall be effective as of the last day of such month. If the notice is received after the 15th day of any month, the cancellation shall be effective on the last day of the next month. The Membership Fee and any prepaid monthly dues shall be earned in full upon receipt and shall be non- refundable in the event of your cancellation of the Membership or termination of the Membership by THE RANGE for any reason. Any unpaid monthly dues within the first year must be paid in full at time of cancellation.

C&S SHOOTING SPORTS RIGHT TO TERMINATE. C&S SHOOTING SPORTS may terminate your Membership at any time for failure to pay the applicable Membership dues or following any breach or violation of these Terms and Conditions or other Range Rules by you or any of your family members or guests, or for any conduct which, in the opinion of management of C&S SHOOTING SPORTS in its sole discretion, is prejudicial to the safety, welfare, good order, and character of C&S SHOOTING SPORTS, by sending written notice to you.

CHANGES IN THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF MEMBERSHIP. C&S SHOOTING SPORTS reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to discontinue operation of the Range or to modify these Terms and Conditions of Membership, to sell, lease or otherwise dispose of C&S SHOOTING SPORTS facilities in any manner whatsoever and to any person whomsoever, to add, issue, modify, or terminate any category of Membership, to discontinue operation of C&S SHOOTING SPORTS facilities, to limit use of C&S SHOOTING SPORTS facilities, to convert C&S SHOOTING SPORTS into a member-owned range, and to make any changes to the Membership benefits at any time. Such changes shall be effective on the date such revised Terms and Conditions of Membership are posted to C&S SHOOTING SPORTS website. Any such changes shall be binding on you on the effective date of the change