Gunsmithing Services in Charleston SC

C&S specializes in many aspects of Gunsmithing, everything from Pistol & Rifle repair, performance and restoration. We offer performance upgrades for competition shooters, hunters, and CWP owners as well as restoration and repair work for some of the today’s firearm pistol brands.

Gunsmithing Services in Charleston SC​

Detailed Gunsmithing Services and Prices

General firearm repair, lost spring, aftermarket performance upgrades? From drilling and tapping for rail and scope base to full machining and bluing- we can help. We are confident our team can assist with any work or project you may need. Contact us today. General Repair is billed at an hourly rate plus part costs.

Current Smithing Prices (we charge $70 per hour for specialty jobs)

  • Hand Cleaning – $30
  • Ultrasonic – $45
  • Pistol Sights – $25 (additional charge for sight in)
  • Rifle Mounts – $25 (additional charge for sight in)
  • Pistol Sight In – $25
  • Rifle Sight In – $25
  • Old Shotgun or rifle strip and clean – $50 HR
  • Trigger Installs – $40 (if an hour or more charge by hourly charge)
  • AR Builds or parts install – Charge by hourly rate
  • Firearm appraisal services – $30 per firearm

Abandoned Firearm Policy

All firearms left more than 28 days following completion will be charged a $25 per month storage fee in addition to any gunsmithing charges.

The firearm will be considered abandoned after 120 days. No exceptions made except for military deployment or with prior consent.

Comprehensive Gunsmithing Services in Charleston, SC

At C&S Shooting Sports, we offer many specialized services catering to firearm enthusiasts’ needs. Our experienced Charleston gunsmiths specialize in Pistol and rifle repair, performance enhancement, and meticulous restoration. Whether you’re a dedicated competition shooter, a passionate hunter, or a responsible CWP owner, our tailored services are designed to meet your unique requirements.

Our Gunsmithing Services

Pistol & Rifle Repair:

Our expert gunsmiths excel in diagnosing and repairing various firearm issues. From addressing lost springs to intricate repairs, we handle every aspect of pistol and rifle maintenance with precision and care.

Performance Upgrades:

Our gunsmithing services in Charleston, SC, offer specialized upgrades for competitive shooters aiming for top-notch performance. Our enhancements are designed to optimize your firearm’s functionality, ensuring a competitive edge in the shooting arena.

Restoration Work:

Preserving the firearm heritage is our passion. Our restoration services breathe new life into vintage pistols and rifles. We meticulously restore these treasures, ensuring they retain their original charm while functioning flawlessly.

Customization for Every Need:

We understand that every firearm enthusiast has unique requirements. Our team specializes in customization and tailoring firearms to individual preferences. Whether it’s grip modifications, sight enhancements, or personalized finishes, we bring your vision to life.

AR Builds and Parts Installation:

Are you looking to assemble a customized AR or need parts installed? We have you covered. Our skilled gunsmithing services in Charleston, SC, ensure the assembly of AR rifles with expertise, guaranteeing optimal performance. Additionally, we handle parts installations efficiently and professionally.

Firearm Appraisal Services:

Need to evaluate the value of your firearms? Our appraisal services provide accurate assessments, aiding in making informed decisions about your valuable collection.

Additional Gun Smithing Services

Hand Cleaning and Ultrasonic Services:

We offer thorough hand cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning services to ensure your firearms remain pristine.

Sight Installations and Sight-In Services:

Our Charleston gunsmiths can perform pistol and rifle sight installations, ensuring precise alignment. Sight-in services are available at an additional charge, guaranteeing accuracy.

Old Shotgun or Rifle Strip and Clean:

Our team performs meticulous strip-downs and clean-ups for antique firearms requiring delicate care, restoring them to their former glory.

Hand Cleaning$30
Ultrasonic Cleaning$45
Pistol Sights – Additional Charge for Sight-In$25
Rifle Mounts – Additional Charge for Sight-In$25
Pistol Sight-In$25
Rifle Sight-In$25
Old Shotgun/Rifle Strip-And-Clean$50/hour
Trigger Installs$40/hour
AR Builds / Parts InstallCharge by an hourly rate
Firearm Appraisal Servies$30/firearm

Transparent Pricing and Policies

We believe in transparency and fair practices about our gunsmithing services in Charleston, SC.

Our pricing is structured clearly, with an hourly rate of $70 for specialty jobs. Whether hand cleaning, sight installations, or trigger installs, we provide top-notch services at competitive rates.

Abandoned Firearm Policy

To maintain a streamlined operation, we adhere to an abandoned firearm policy. Firearms left more than 28 days post-completion incur a storage fee of $25 per month in addition to gunsmithing charges.

The firearm will be considered abandoned after 120 days, with specific exceptions made for military deployment or with prior consent.

Why You Need an Adept Charleston Gunsmith Servicing Your Firearms?

For firearm enthusiasts in Charleston, SC, C&S Shooting Sports is a reliable partner in ensuring your firearms are in optimal condition. Come and explore why choosing our gunsmithing services in Charleston, SC, for your firearms needs is smart.

From safety to customization, we should be your go-to destination.

Our skilled Charleston gunsmiths prioritize safety above all else. Their meticulous inspections and thorough knowledge of firearms guarantee that your weapon operates safely. This attention to detail ensures peace of mind whenever you use your gun.

Boosting Performance and Accuracy:

An expert gunsmith can significantly enhance your firearm’s performance and accuracy. Through precise adjustments and customizations tailored to your shooting style, they can optimize your shooting experience. Whether you’re a sports shooter or a hunter, these enhancements make a notable difference.

The firearm will be considered abandoned after 120 days, with specific exceptions made for military deployment or with prior consent.

Preserving Your Investment:

Firearms are valuable investments. DIY repairs or inexperienced handling can diminish their value. A proficient gunsmith ensures that any restoration, repair, or customization is done professionally. By preserving the originality and value of your firearm, they protect your investment.

Expert Customization Services:

Personalizing your firearm is a way to make it uniquely yours. A skilled Charleston gunsmith offers expert customization services, bringing your vision to life. From engravings to specialized finishes, they can transform your firearm into a unique masterpiece, reflecting your personality and style.

Behind Every Exquisite Firearm, Lies A Great Gunsmith!

C&S Shooting Sports in Charleston, SC, combines proficiency, safety, and a passion for firearms. Choosing them for your firearm needs ensures top-notch safety checks, performance enhancements, preservation of your investment, and expert customization services. For firearm enthusiasts who value reliability and craftsmanship, ours is the ultimate choice.

Trust Your Firearms to Expert Hands in Charleston, SC!

Contact us today to experience unparalleled gunsmithing services tailored to your needs. Trust us to handle your firearms with the expertise they deserve, ensuring they perform flawlessly and stand the test of time.

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