Gunsmithing Services in Charleston SC

C&S specializes in many aspects of Gunsmithing, everything from Pistol & Rifle repair, performance and restoration. We offer performance upgrades for competition shooters, hunters, and CWP owners as well as restoration and repair work for some of the today’s firearm pistol brands.

Gunsmithing Services in Charleston SC​

Detailed Gunsmithing Services and Prices

General firearm repair, lost spring, aftermarket performance upgrades? From drilling and tapping for rail and scope base to full machining and bluing- we can help. We are confident our team can assist with any work or project you may need. Contact us today. General Repair is billed at an hourly rate plus part costs.

Current Smithing Prices (we charge $70 per hour for specialty jobs)

  • Hand Cleaning – $30
  • Ultrasonic – $45
  • Pistol Sights – $25 (additional charge for sight in)
  • Rifle Mounts – $25 (additional charge for sight in)
  • Pistol Sight In – $25
  • Rifle Sight In – $25
  • Old Shotgun or rifle strip and clean – $50 HR
  • Trigger Installs – $40 (if an hour or more charge by hourly charge)
  • AR Builds or parts install – Charge by hourly rate
  • Firearm appraisal services – $30 per firearm

Abandoned Firearm Policy

All firearms left more than 28 days following completion will be charged a $25 per month storage fee in addition to any gunsmithing charges.

The firearm will be considered abandoned after 120 days. No exceptions made except for military deployment or with prior consent.