Security Officer Training

Security Officer Certifications

Need one place for training / range certifications / gear? – C&S Shooting Sports does it all.

Is constant recruitment a problem for your Security Company? We offer specialized training that helps applicants gain knowledge and skills to pass SLED qualifications. We promote success for applicants & help reduce company turnover.

C&S believes students learn with relevant material and an engaging instructor. Our training enables adult students to learn and to succeed.

Become a Training Partner with C&S Shooting Sports.

We offer:

  • SLED classes Basic, Prime Plus -Unarmed, Prime Plus- Armed
  • Pepper Spray and Baton Training
  • Certifications for Security Officers -with our instructors
  • Lane Rental for certification- with your instructors
  • Duty Gear
  • Veterans Mfg Armor

Choose from our menu of courses listed below. Call and Schedule classes for applicants / staff

Post Orders Consultation

C&S provides consultation in writing Post Orders. Contact a member of our staff for assistance.

Annual Range Certifications

We do annual range qualifications for Security Officers.  Security companies can either contract with us for lane time or use one of our SLED certified instructors.

Security Officer Training

C&S offers Primary Basic and Prime Plus (Armed) Training. Large and small classrooms available. Off site training available for large groups

For Primary Plus and Armed applicants, we can also offer simulator training to improve shooting skills, if needed.  C&S has a FATS 7 Simulator on site. We:
  • analyze shot patterns
  • identify common shooting mistakes (prolonged trigger pull, etc.)
  • correct wrong grip or stance
  • determine shooting eye dominance.

Applicants assessed as “not ready” for the range or those who fail to qualify receive additional instruction. C&S instructors provide private dry-fire shooting exercises to improve skills.  Applicants then re-shoot at no additional charge.

A.  Primary Basic Training includes:

  • Orientation
  • Post Orders
  • Registration
  • Security Officer Ethics and Professionalism
  • Situational Awareness and Observation
  • Relationships with Law Enforcement
  • Note Taking / Reports
  • Discovered Criminal Activity
  • Crime Scene Preservation
  • Work Place Violence and Emergency Response
  • Violent Event Threats
  • Training Documentation

B.  Prime Plus Includes

  • Patrol Procedures
  • Vehicle Operations
  • Reasonable Suspicion / Investigative Detention / Probable Cause
  • Arrest
  • Use of Force
  • Testimony
  • Handling Difficult People
  • Handcuffing
  • Firearms
  • Firearm Qualification

C.  OC Spray

Security Officers learn how to identify potentially dangerous situations and respond appropriately.

Use of OC Spray to:
  • Deter dangerous personal threats
  • Protect themselves from a safe distance
  • Use OC Spray effectively and responsibly
  • Subdue an attacker.

D. Baton Training

Use of Baton
  • Legal / moral issues of baton
  • Use of force
  • Baton familiarization
  • Stance and grip
  • Target areas
  • Defensive techniques
  • Control and arrest techniques

E.  Private Instruction

Available through corporate or private purchase
  • Half hour or full hour of instruction in proper stance, grip, sight picture, trigger pull and breath control.  Includes range time.

F.  Simulator

Available through corporate or private purchase
  • Half hour or full hour of instruction including shot analysis, moving and stationary target, grip, sight picture, trigger pull and breath control.
  • Over 300 shoot / don’t shoot scenarios for real time decision making.

Security Gear and AMMO

C&S offers a full line:
  • Belts Expandable batons Holsters Handcuffs Badges OC spray Flashlights
  • Tactical backpacks
  • AMMO  Bulk and special orders available

Check our prices for 9 mm, 40 ammo, and 45 ammo
Contact us for individual or bulk orders.

Veterans Mfg Body Armor

Contact us –we offer flexible and hard plates, carriers, and tailored duty vests. This armor is lightweight and wearable.  A hard plate only weighs one pound!

Quality training provides a high return for our security company partners.  Well trained employees:

  • arrive at work job-ready,
  • bring with them more knowledge and job skills,
  • have greater job satisfaction,
  • reduce company liability.

It makes sense to partner with a training provider with certifications and licenses that meet and exceed industry standards and who operates a fully equipped facility.  Consider C&S Shooting Sports for all training, certifications, and re-certifications.