Range Rules

  1. NO Unruly, Unsafe, or Disruptive Behavior. Range Officers have the right to ask any shooter to leave the range.
  2. Shooters are responsible for their own firearms. C&S Shooting Sports reserves the right to inspect all firearms and ammunition brought to the facility.
  3. Shooters CANNOT use:
    • Steel core or steel slug ammunition
    • Ceramic tipped
    • Armor piercing and tracer ammunition
    • Proof loads
    • Shotgun pellet loads (We allow Slugs Only)
    • Magnetic ammunition or any component that is magnetic
  4. Firearms carried into and out of the building must be Holstered, Boxed, Cased or Bagged and Unloaded. No firearm may be carried in hand except on the range.
  5. Firearms cannot be drawn until the firing line is reached.
  6. Rental guns cannot be removed from the facility. Damage to rental guns, laser sights, suppressors and accessories are the responsibility of the renter.
  7. Rental gun ammo must be purchased from C&S Shooting Sports.
  8. Sight and hearing protection are required AT ALL TIMES on the range.
  9. Expended cartridges cases not recovered by the shooter become the property of C&S Shooting Sports. Expended cartridges past the firing line may not be recovered.
  10. No one under the age of 11 allowed on the range. Minors must share a lane with an adult and be supervised by an adult at all times.
  11. Damages to the building, range, or range equipment caused by negligent, accidental or malicious actions (including actions by shooter’s Guest(s)) are the responsibility of the shooter.
  12. NO alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, or impairing substances on the gun range.
  13. NO food, beverages, tobacco products or cosmetics on the range.
  14. No cross range firing. Shooters must use a controlled stance aligned with the target. Shotguns and long guns must be fired with the stock butt at the shoulder.
  15. Only regulation paper targets allowed. Long gun shooters must use large silhouette targets and shoot at 25 yards. (Sight-in’s at 15 yards) Targets must be placed so that bullets enter the trap.
  16. No drawing from a shoulder holster, ankle holster, inside waistband holster, bag or backpack (except for training / qualifications).
  17. No private instruction for fee or profit.
  18. No pets on the range.
  19. Due to health considerations, pregnant women are not permitted on the range.
  20. Holster draw is limited to certified shooters and only during specific times.