Indoor Range

Charleston’s Premier Indoor

Shooting Range

A cutting edge way to practice the shooting sports

Our 12 lane indoor range is well lit, climate controlled, and handicap accessible. The 12 Lanes are divided into 2 spacious bays.

Come on down to Rivers Ave!

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned professional, firearm owner or in need of a rental, C&S Shooting Sports can help

Pistol Lanes

LCD touch screens are used in each booth. Shooters can use one of the 6 programmable preset options or choose the exact distance for the target. The booths also have wide target holders for silhouettes and other large targets. With so many different target commands available at the touch of a button, these large booths are great for avid shooters or beginners!

Meggitt Third Generation XWT Training System

Our first bay is rifle and shot gun compatible. It features wireless targets that turn 360 degrees for shoot and non shoot situations. Each booth has a user-friendly touch screen that is programmable for different scenarios. The flexibility of these systems help users develop skills and train more effectively.

Rules and Pricing

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